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Terms of use of the website

This section lists the terms of use of this website (this website and its links and pages collectively referred to as "websites"). By accessing this website, you have agreed to these terms of use. This website is mainly intended to provide any person for use in Macao, so the bank is not able to ensure that the website or its information is in conformity with the laws or rules of other countries, or suitable for use in other areas. You are fully responsible for any person who uses your computer to use this website and to ensure that such persons comply with the terms of use. If the information provided by any person in any jurisdictional area or any person’s use of the information provided by this website will offend the law or rules, the bank does not intend to distribute or use such information to any person in such jurisdictions. This website shall not be regarded as an offer of any invitation or incentive to participate in a bank or investment activity or to buy and sell any securities or other tools in a region outside of Macao.

Offers, solicitations or proposals for non-financial services or products

Information on the products or services provided on this site does not constitute an offer or proposal for any product or service by Banco Well Link, S.A. ("Bank" or "the Bank") or any member of Well Link Group. The information provided on this website is not intended to be distributed or used in any jurisdiction, if distributed or used in that jurisdiction, it would be against the law. This website shall not be regarded as an offer or solicitation of (I) any solicitation or incentive to participate in a bank or investment or insurance activity or (II) to buy or sell any securities or other tools or insurance in a region other than the jurisdiction ("recognized area") that has been licensed or approved by the Bank.

Not all products or services accessible on or through this website are available in all areas served by members of Well Link Group. You should use only the local website of your place of residence or (depending on the circumstances) ("your local website"). If you own a product that is not mentioned on your local website, information about the product may be provided on this website or on the websites of other members of the Well Link Group. Products or services not mentioned on your local website may not be provided in your place of residence, place of residence or recognized area, or may not be suitable for you. It is your responsibility to consult and comply fully with the applicable laws and regulations of any relevant jurisdiction by consulting this website or any information contained therein. Members of Well Link Group may refuse to provide products and services to you only on the basis of your residence or place of residence.

The products or services you can read on this website or through this website may not be registered or recognized by any central bank, government or regulatory agency in the area of accreditation or in the place of residence or in the territory. Therefore, you may not be guaranteed the security law, the bank law, the insurance law or other relevant laws and regulations in the area of residence or place of residence, or in the jurisdiction of the area outside the authorized area, or the products or services that can be read on this website or through this website.

We have not made any statement that any securities, products or services available on or through this website are suitable for you or anyone. You confirm that:

Neither the Bank nor other members of the Well Link Group have instigated you to use this website or to request any information for the use of this website; and

Any information provided through this website does not constitute and should not be regarded as investment, financial, tax or professional advice. You may independently seek appropriate investment, financial, tax and professional advice.

Trademark and copyright

The trademarks, commercial names, logos and service marks ("trademarks") used or displayed on this website are owned by the Bank and other relevant persons. You may not use such trademarks without the prior written approval of the Bank or such persons.

The material on this website is protected by copyright. Without the prior written consent of the bank, you may not modify, copy, store and store the material (or any part of it) in the retrieval system, transmission, reproduction, distribution, use as a derivative work, or in any other way for commercial or public use.

No guarantee

In the preparation of the content and information contained in this website, the Bank has dealt with it rigorously, and the contents and information are provided "as they are," and the bank does not express or imply any type of guarantee. More specifically, the Bank does not guarantee that such content and information is not infringed, nor does it guarantee that it is safe, accurate, suitable for use or does not contain computer viruses.

Link web site

As to any other web site ("outside web site") that is linked to this website, the Bank or any other member of the Well Link Group is not responsible for the content or setting of the outside web site. You are at your own risk when you log in and use an external website, and you are required to comply with any terms and conditions of accessing and using an external website. This website provides a hyperlink to the outside web site and does not consider as (I) the Bank to agree, recommend, approve, guarantee or recommend any third party or services or products provided by the outside web site, or (II) the Bank has any form of cooperation with the third party and the outside web site. If you enter into any contractual arrangements with the supplier of the external website, the Bank is not one of the parties to such arrangements unless expressly stated or agreed by the Bank.


It is not guaranteed to be completely secure to transmit email information to our bank via the Internet. We are not liable for any loss incurred by you in sending information to us or our bank via the Internet at your request. We are not liable for any direct, indirect, special or consequential loss arising from or in connection with the use of this website.

Transmission of information through the Internet

Based on the nature of the Internet, transactions or transmission of information over the Internet may be affected by interference, interruptions in transmission, delays in transmission, or errors in data transmission. The bank is not responsible for the failure of the communication facilities within the control of the bank, which may affect the transmission of information and the accuracy or limitation of the transaction. If we know or suspect that you have violated security requirements or other suspicious circumstances in using this website, we have the right to delay or refuse to execute instructions.

Download software and other security measures

The Bank does not state or confirm the following (or any of them):

This website is available for use and meets the requirements of your own.

It will not be interrupted when you enter this website.

There are no delays, failures, errors or omissions or loss of transmitted information during transmission.

Not transmitting viruses or other contaminated or destructive or otherwise inappropriate products; and

Your computer system will not be damaged.

You must be fully responsible for the following matters:

Make full protection and backup for data and equipment.

Take reasonable and appropriate precautions to scan for computer viruses and other contaminated or destructive products; and

Safeguard against unauthorized use of the personal data provided by the Bank to identify you for the purpose of conducting transactions on this website

We do not make any statement or confirmation of the accuracy, functionality or performance of any third party software used on this website.