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Privacy and security

Privacy and security

The private policy principle of the bank

The business of Banco Well Link, S.A. ("the Bank" or "Bank") is based on mutual trust between customers and our bank. All personal data you provide to us will be kept strictly confidential. To this end, the bank carries out the following principles of privacy policy:

1. We will only collect personal data which we deem relevant and which will help us understand your financial needs and facilitate our operations.

2. By using your personal data, we can provide you with better customer service and products.

3. The Bank may transfer your personal data to other members of Well Link Group or their respective agents, but it will do so in accordance with the law.

4. The bank will not disclose the personal information to any outside body unless (I) has been approved by your excellency, or (II) in accordance with the law, or (III) to inform you before.

5. The bank may be asked to disclose personal information to the government, the judiciary, or the regulatory agency of the Bank at any time, but the Bank will only conduct it under the right license.

6. We are committed to maintaining accurate and up-to-date records of your personal data.

7. We have a strict security system to prevent unauthorized access to your personal data by anyone, including our staff.

8. The Bank clearly stipulates that all members of the Well Link Group, our staff and third parties who have been granted access to your personal data shall abide by its confidentiality obligations.

We follow these principles in order to show that we attach great importance to your trust in the Bank.

 For details please see: 

Data Privacy Policy  資料隱私政策.pdf

The privacy of your excellency is very important to the bank

This section sets out the details of how the Bank will handle the personal data provided to the Bank when you visit this website ("this website").

Data security

Security is our primary concern. We are committed to ensuring that your personal data are protected from unauthorized or accidental access, processing or removal. To ensure the safety of your personal data, we take appropriate measures in terms of facilities, electronic systems and management.

The security area of the website uses the 128 - bit transport layer security protocol encryption (Transport Layer Security (TLS)), which is the safest standard for the industry to encrypt data on the Internet. When you provide important information to our bank, it will be automatically converted into code, and then it will be safely transmitted over the Internet.

The server of this website is protected by a "firewall" and the bank constantly monitors its own system to prevent unauthorized access by anyone.

The Bank will not transmit personal data to you by ordinary e-mail. As there is no guarantee of the security of ordinary e-mail, you should only use the security e-mail facilities provided by this website to send e-mail to us.

The bank will take all practical steps to ensure that your personal information will not be retained beyond the necessary time, and the bank will also comply with all the laws and regulations concerning the preservation of personal data in the Macao Special Administrative Region.

Security guarantee

You have the same important responsibility as our bank in preventing online fraud.

We will try our best to maintain a high level of safety standards to protect your interests.

You should ensure that your bank account information (including your username and password) is not leaked. You should ensure that you do not intentionally or unintentionally share, hand over or allow unauthorized persons to use such information. Do not let others know your username and password, and do not let others obtain or use such information.

You should keep your username and password confidential. Do not write down this information. Since you are the only person who knows the password, we will never ask you to provide it.

When you choose your own username and password, do not use information that is easy to guess, such as your birthday, phone number, or name combination.

If you believe that the name or password of its own user has been leaked, lost or stolen from third parties, and that your residence may have been unauthorized, you have the responsibility to notify the bank immediately.

Although the opportunity is very small, if an unauthorized transaction is found in your account, the Bank protects you from direct loss as long as it is not a fraud, error or negligence, and the maximum amount of guarantee is the total amount of the unauthorized transaction.

The use of Cookies, Spotlight Tags and Web Beacons

At the time of your visit to this website, the Bank will make a record of the number of visitors, the general use pattern and the personal use pattern of your own, and to optimize the experience of your own. We can collect some of these data by cookies. Cookies are files containing a small amount of information, which are automatically stored in the Internet browser installed on your own computer for future retrieval on this website. Cookies allows the site to identify your own devices and store the information you use on your site to provide you with a more suitable feature, to make the content of the site more catering to your preferences and (if you are allowed to promote it), to provide you with promotional materials or direct sales promotion according to your use mode. We can obtain the information stored in cookies and record how you use this website. Currently, most common browser versions have the function of starting cookies by default. If you want to disable cookies or notify you when cookies start, you can change the settings of the browser. However, you may not be able to access certain parts of the site, including Well Link Online Finance, after you disable cookies. If you accept cookies, you have confirmed that your information will be collected, stored, accessed and used as described above.

In addition, the website may also use third-party companies to investigate website traffic and other activities on the site. The third-party survey agents include DoubleClick, Yahoo!, Facebook, Nielsen // NetRatings, Web Trends and Adobe. The companies use spotlight monitoring, Web Beacons and cookies to collect data for analysis. The company collects information through such technologies (I) to collect more information on visitors to the site, including user distribution and behavior and usage patterns, (II) to make more accurate reports and (III) to improve the efficiency of the market. These companies synthesize the information collected and provide it to our bank. The Bank will not provide or obtain personal data from DoubleClick, Yahoo!, Facebook, Nielsen//NetRatings and WebTrends. If you want to disable cookies related to these technologies, you can change your browser settings. However, some parts of the site may not be accessible after the change.

For further information of the use of cookies, DoubleClick, Yahoo!, Facebook, Nielsen//NetRatings, Adobe, and WebTrends’s data collection policy and cancellation instructions, you can browse:

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Market promotion

The Bank will occasionally collect personal information when you visit the website or participate (online, telephone, or branch of the Bank) for competition or promotion activities. We collect your personal data on a voluntary basis. We may use your personal data to send you products, services and other marketing information that we deem appropriate for your needs. We will also invite you to participate in market research, opinion surveys and other similar activities.

You may choose to receive marketing and other promotional materials by e-mail, or you may choose not to receive such materials at any time.

If you wish to stop sending direct mail to you, please call our representative: (853) 2878 5222

The Bank will complete the request within 30 days, and will not charge you any fee to ensure that you do not include your email list.

Every time the Bank is required to provide personal information, the Bank will explain the use of such information and ensure that the data will be used only for the purpose of the collection.

Notice of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance ("the Ordinance")

This statement is made by Banco Well Link, S.A. ("the Bank", "the Bank’s", the heir and the assignee of the Bank)) under Law No. eighth of 2005 on the provisions of the personal data protection law, the purpose of which is to clarify the reasons for the collection of personal data, the use and the way to inquire the records of personal data to you.

Collection of information

(a) The Bank may collect information on customers and other individuals for the purposes specified in this Circular. Such customers and other individuals may include the following categories or any category of persons (collectively referred to as "Your Excellency" or "Your Excellency"):

applicants for banking or financial services;

A person who provides or intends to provide guarantees or mortgages for liabilities owed to the Bank;

a person or person concerned with a non personal client or applicant, including the beneficial owner and person of the client or applicant, or (if a trust) includes the trustee, the grantee, the safeguards and beneficiaries of the trust, and other persons related to the relationship with the bank and the client.

(b) if no information is provided to the Bank of the bank, the bank may not be able to provide (or continue to provide) the product or service to the client or applicant that is connected with the cabinet.

(c) information is available:

(i) Collecting directly from you, or from persons representing you, or from other sources

(II) a combination of other information obtained from the members of the Well Link Group ("Well Link Group" and any "member of the Well Link Group" refers to Well Link Holdings Limited and / or its Affiliated Companies, subsidiaries, joint units and any other branches and offices.

Use of information

(d) The Bank may use the information for the following purposes (or any of them) which may vary according to the nature of your relationship with the Bank:

(I) consider and deal with the application of products and services and the daily operation of products and services (including providing credit to clients or clients connected to the cabinet);

(II) a credit inspection (including application of credit (including a mortgage loan) and a credit review usually once or more than once a year) when appropriate;

(iii) establish and maintain the Bank ‘s credit and risk-related guidelines;

(iv) Assisting other financial institutions in conducting credit checks and recovering debts;

(v) To ensure that you maintain reliable credit and good reputation;

(vi) Designing financial products and services (including insurance, credit cards, securities, commodities, investment, banking and related products and services) for your use;

(vii) Promoting the sale of the products, services and other objects referred to in paragraph (f) below;

(viii) determine the amount of the Bank ‘s liabilities to you or you to the Bank;

(ix) Exercise the rights conferred by our contract with you (including the collection of arrears from you);

(x) to fulfil the duties, requirements or arrangements (regardless of the compulsory or voluntary nature) of the bank or any member of the Well Link Group to comply with the following matters or to be related to such matters:

(1) any laws, statutes, judgments, court orders, court orders, voluntary codes, and sanctions regime ("law") present and in the future in the Macao Special Administrative Region ("Macao"), including the provisions of the tax regulations, including articles on the automatic exchange of financial account information;

(2) any guidance, guideline, or request provided or issued by any law, regulation, government, tax, law enforcement or other organ existing in the territory of Macao or in the future, or by a financial service provider, or by an industry organization or association (e.g., guidance, guidance or requirements from or issued by the tax bureau, including guidelines, guidelines or requirements for the automatic exchange of financial account information, and any international guidelines, internal policies or procedures;

(3) local or local legal, regulatory, judicial, administrative, public or law enforcement agencies with judicial powers, or government, tax, tax, taxation, finance, securities or futures exchanges, courts, central banks or other agencies, or financial services suppliers; self-regulation or industry organization or industry organization, or any part of the group or any present or future contracts or other commitments undertaken by the association or any of its agents (or all called "authority") by the bank or any member of the Well Link Group, or applied to the Bank or any member of the Bank or any member of the Well Link Group; or

(4) any agreement or treaty between the organs of authority;

(XI) any liability, request, policy, program, measure or arrangement of any other use of the shared information and information and / or information and information in the Well Link Group, in accordance with the Well Link Group, in accordance with the sanctions or the prevention or detection of any scheme for the money laundering, terrorist financing or other illegal activities;

(XII) take any action to comply with the duties of the bank or any member of Well Link Group to comply with the laws or international guidelines or regulatory requirements relating to the following matters: the detection, investigation and prevention of the cleaning of money, terrorist financing, bribery, corruption, tax evasion, fraud, evasion of economic or trade sanctions, and / or evasion or violation. Any act or intention of any law relating to such matters;

(xiii) to comply with any responsibility of the Bank or any member of Well Link Group to comply with any instructions or requirements of the Authority;

(XIV) a negotiable or affiliated participant (etc.) that allows the real or suggested assignee of all or any part of the business or / or assets of the bank to be transferred, involved or affiliated, and the actual assignee (etc.) in the operation of the transferred business or right to the use of your data; and

(XV) any other use related to the above purpose.

Disclosure of information

(E) the information held by the bank or the member of the Well Link Group will be kept confidential, but the members of the bank or the member of the Well Link Group may provide the information to the following parties or any of the parties to be used as listed in paragraph (d) of the preceding paragraph (either in Macao or abroad):

(I) any agent, contractor, sub-contractor or affiliate of the Well Link Group (including its employees, staff, agents, contractors, service providers and professional advisers);

(II) any third-party service provider (including its employees and staff) providing services to the bank or any member of the Well Link Group to operate or maintain the business operation or maintenance of the bank;

(III) any organ of power;

(iv) Any person who is responsible for the confidentiality of the Bank or any member of the Well Link Group and has committed to the confidentiality of such information;

(v) The drawing bank provides the drawer with a copy of the cheque payable (which may contain information of the payee);

(VI) any person, payee, beneficiary, account beneficiary, account designated person, broker, intercourse and agent bank, Clearing Corp, settlement or exchange system, market trading opponent, upstream deductible tax agent, swap or trading repository, stock exchange, and the public ownership of securities rights and interests on behalf of the person who is acting on behalf of the excellency. A person who makes any payment to the account of any customer (if such securities are held by the Bank or any member of the Well Link Group);

(VII) Credit information services and, in the event of default, the provision of such information to the collection company;

(VIII) any member of the bank or any member of the Well Link Group is responsible for or must or is expected to disclose to them for the use of the listed D (x), D (XI) or D (XII).

(IX) any actual or suggested assignee of the bank or the participant (etc.) or the affiliate (etc.) or the assignee (etc.) of the right of the excellency or the bank;

(x) any person who provides or intends to provide security or mortgage for your liability to the Bank; and


(1) any member of the Well Link Group;

(2) Third-party financial institutions, insurers, credit card companies, securities and investment service providers;

(3) Third-party reward scheme, seniority scheme, cooperative brand scheme and preferential scheme suppliers;

(4) The name of the partner of the Bank or any member of the Well Link Group (if applicable) when applying for the relevant products and services;

(5) charitable or nonprofit making institutions; and

(6) A third-party service provider employed by the Bank or any member of Well Link Group for the purposes specified in paragraph (d) (vii) above.

The relevant information may be transferred within or outside Macao.

Providing information to credit information services and collection companies

A. The Bank may provide the Credit Information Service with the following information about you, either in your personal name or in association with others:

I. full name;

Ii. The identity of each mortgage (i.e. as a borrower, mortgagor or guarantor);

III. Macao Identity Card Number or Travel Document Number or Company Registration Certificate Number

The date of birth of IV. or the date of establishment of the company;

V. address;

Vi. on each mortgage’s mortgage account number;

Vii. on the type of credit for each mortgage;

Viii. The status of the mortgage account for each mortgage (e.g. in force, closed, skimmed); and

IX. The closing date of the mortgage account for each mortgage (if applicable).

The credit information service agency will use the above information to make a statistic of the number of mortgages held from time to time by the borrower, the mortgagor or the guarantor, and the number of mortgages from time to time, whether in the form of the individual or the company or with other persons, and to make the credit providers share the credit providers in the personal credit database of the credit information service agencies.

The Bank of B. may instruct the bank to request the credit information service agency to delete from its database any credit account information that has been terminated in any of the total repayments. Only five (5) years before the termination of the credit must be overdue over sixty (60) days in accordance with the record of the bank.

C. in any case of arrears, unless the amount of the account is repaid or skimmed before the expiration of the sixty (60) date of the date of arrears (due to the exception of the bankruptcy order), the amount of the payment of the account can be retained by the credit information service agency for five (5) years (from the date of the full payment of the full account).

D. if any sum of money is left out for the insolvency order issued by the excellency, the payment information of your account can be retained by the credit information service until the following earlier: (I) the date of the expiration of five (5) years from the date of total arrears, or (II) the date of the expiration of the date of the insolvency order of five (5) years from the date of bankruptcy. Evidence must be given to the credit information service.

E. for the purposes of the above section C and D, the account repayment information is the last due amount, the amount of the last report, the remaining amount of credit or the amount of unpaid, and the amount of the arrears (i.e. the expired amount, the number of overdue dates, the date of the repayment of the arrears and the date of the total outstanding arrears, that is, the arrears. "Payment over 60 (60) days in arrears (if any).

Use of information in direct sales promotion

(f) if you are the customer of the Bank, the Bank intends to use your information in direct sales promotion, and the use of this use is subject to your approval (including no objection). Please note:

(I) the bank may hold the Bank’s name, contact information, product and other service portfolio information, transaction model and behavior, financial background and demographic data for direct sales promotion from time to time;

(ii) Can be used to promote the following categories of products, services and targets:

(1) Finance, insurance, credit cards, banks and related products and services;

(2) Reward schemes, seniority schemes, cooperative brand schemes or preferential schemes and related products and services;

(3) the products and services provided by the partnership brand partners (in the application of the related products and services (depending on the circumstances) will provide the name of the partner brand);

(4) Donations and donations for charitable and/or non-profit-making purposes;

(iii) The above products, services and targets may be provided by the Bank and/or solicited by the following parties (in the case of donations and donations):

(1) any member of the Well Link Group;

(2) Third-party financial institutions, insurers, credit card companies, securities and investment service providers;

(3) Third-party reward plan, seniority plan, cooperative brand plan or preferential plan supplier;

(4) cooperative brand partners of the bank and any member of the Well Link Group (in applying for the products and services (depending on the circumstances) will provide the name of the partner brand);

(5) charitable or nonprofit making institutions;

(IV) in addition to the promotion of the above products, services and targets, the bank may also provide the information described in paragraph (f) (I) to all or any person described in paragraph (f) (III) above for use by such persons to promote such products, services and targets, and the use of this act is subject to the written consent of this Act (Including no objection); and

(v) The Bank may be rewarded with money or other property by providing information to other persons as described in paragraph (f (iv) above. If the guild receives any money or other property in return for providing information to other persons, the bank will inform you of your consent or non-objection as described in paragraph (f) (IV).

If you do not want the bank to use the information or provide the information to other persons for direct sales promotion, you may notify the bank to exercise your choice and refuse promotion.

Provide another person’s information

(g) if you provide information to the Bank of other persons, you shall provide this person with a copy of this notice and should be particularly informed of how the person can use the information.

Access to information requirements

(H) Your Excellency has the right to:

(i) Check whether our bank holds and consults your information;

(ii) Request the Bank to correct any inaccurate information about you;

(iii) to ascertain the Bank’s policies and practices regarding information and the types of personal data it has been informed of; and

(IV) in the case of personal credit, it is required to be informed of what information will be disclosed to the credit information service agency or the collection company, and to provide further information for the request to the relevant credit information service agencies or the receiving companies to consult and correct the information.

(i) Under the provisions of the Ordinance, the Bank has the right to charge a reasonable fee for processing any request for access to information.

(J) any request for access to or correction of information, or requests for information policy and practice or the type of information held, shall be submitted to the director of the information protection of the bank, whose address is

28/F, No. 323 Av. Dr. Mário Soares, Bank of China Building, Macau 


(k) The Bank or the Credit Information Service may request a credit report on you to consider any credit application. If you wish to consult the credit report, we will provide details of the contact details of the credit information service.

(l) This Notice shall not limit your rights as a party to the information under the Ordinance.

Note: If there is any ambiguity between the Chinese and English versions, the English version shall prevail.

IMPORTANT: You have agreed to the above terms by accessing this website and any of its pages. Thank you for choosing the Well Link service.

1A new window will be opened for customer notifications previously stated under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance

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