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Trade Finance

Advantages of Well Link Bank - provide efficient, flexible, high-quality service and fast trade finance service

Leveraging on our correspondent banking network, your company can benefit from a full suite of trade finance services specifically tailored to meet your company's banking needs. Our Bank offers a comprehensive set of solutions that fit the needs of businesses in their trade with foreign countries, balancing the interests of importers and exporters to allow them to mitigate the main risks, commercial and political, inherent in such operations. Your company can benefit from accessing to a multilingual team of experts in Trade Finance which is dedicated to answer the technical questions related to the product offering in this area, helping your company to find the best solutions in complex and challenging situations.

(1)Import Solutions

Documentary Credit Issuance

Import Collection Bill

Import Finance

Documentary Credit Bill

Collection Bill

Import Trade Loan (Invoice Financing)

Shipping Guarantee

(2)Export Solutions

Documentary Credit Advising and Confirmation

Documentary Credit Transfer

Documentary Credit Bill processing

Export Collection Bill

Export Finance

Export Credit

Packing Loan

Bill Negotiation/Discount

Purchase of Collection Bill

Export Trade Loan (Receivables Financing)