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Export Trade Finance

Export Trade Finance 

Documentary Credit Advising

When we receive the documentary credit in your favor and check its authenticity, we will inform you of the credit.

Documentary Credit Confirmation

A confirmed credit is an irrevocable letter of payment made available to you by the confirming bank in addition to the issuing bank. We shall be liable for payment to you when you submit the documents conforming to the terms of the credit.

Documentary Credit Transfer

If you are a broker or a procuring company, you may receive a transferable L/C issued by the bank of the buyer to you as a payment instrument. We can assign the full or part of this credit to the manufacturer for you. When the buyer’s bank makes the payment in the end, you can receive your due share from the payment.

Packing Loans

We can provide you with a loan for the working capital required before shipment of goods. 

Negotiation for Export Credit

You can increase the cash flow through the negotiation for export credit provided by us. This can shorten the return time of funds from your submission of export documents to the payment made by the issuing bank.

Advanced payment for Export Documents/span>

We can provide you with a cash advance for export collection documents (e.g., D/P and D/A) to enhance cash flow.

Export Collection

We can send the export collection documents to the designated bank of the buyer according to your instructions and deposit the money to your account after you receive the payment from the bank.

Invoice Discounting

After the shipment of goods, we, as per your invoices and relevant shipping documents, will provide you with a loan according to the invoice amount.

The importer obtains cash before the payment date, and control the business and loan risks. Bill discounting can boost your business competitiveness and allow you to provide longer periods of credit for buyers without waiting for payment. 

Invoice Finance

Invoice finance is a loan provided to the buyer by the bank as buyer and seller choose the tally as the settlement method. When you provide the seller's invoice and the relevant shipping documents, we will grant the loan to the seller according to the invoice amount.