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Golden Visa for Portugal

Golden Visa for Portugal

    Well Link Bank, through its Portuguese Speaking Countries Business Department, and resorting to its close ties with its minority shareholder Novo Banco, S.A. in Portugal, can help you make an investment in Portugal under the Golden Visa Program much easier and simpler, namely by having a smoother account opening process both in Macau as well as in Portugal.


    Portuguese Residence Permit for Investment, also called Golden Visa, enable third country nationals to obtain a temporary residence permit to conduct business activities with visa waiver to enter Portugal. The Visa may be extendable to its family members.

   The beneficiaries of Golden Visa are entitled to:

  • Residence visa waiver for entering Portugal; 

  • Living and working in Portugal, on condition that they stay in Portugal for a period of 7 or more days, in the first year, and 14 or more days, in the subsequent years; 

  •  Visa exemption for travelling within the Schengen Area; 

  •  Family reunification; 

  •  Applying for permanent residence

  •  Applying for Portuguese citizenship

   Investors, as an individual businessperson or through a company set up in Portugal or in another EU Member State, can apply the Golden Residence Permit by one of the following routes:

  • Capital transfer with a value equal to or above 1 million Euros;

  • The creation of, at least, 10 job positions; 

  • The purchase of real estate property with a value equal to or above 500 thousand Euros; 

  • The purchase of real estate property, with construction dating back more than 30 years or located in urban regeneration areas, for refurbishing, for a total value equal to or above 350 thousand Euros;

  • Capital transfer with a value equal to or above 350 thousand Euros for investing in research activities conducted by public or private scientific research institutions; 

  •  Capital transfer with a value equal to or above 250 thousand Euros for investing in artistic output, supporting the arts or for reconstruction or refurbishment of the national heritage; 

  •  Capital transfer of the amount of 350 thousand Euros, or higher, for the acquisition of units of investment funds or venture capital fund of funds dedicated to the capitalization of companies.

  •  Capital transfer of the amount of 350 thousand  Euros, or higher, for constitution of a commercial society with head office in the national territory, combined with the creation of five permanent working jobs. 

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